The GALEX mission was developed under NASA's Explorers Program, which is managed by the NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

The GALEX mission is a partnership between the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) with universities, science institutes, laboratories, and commercial technology providers from around the world. Caltech in Pasadena, California, hosts the GALEX science center and has overall responsibility for the project. JPL in Pasadena, California, constructed the GALEX science instrument, performed calibration, and is responsible for project management. Leading the GALEX project is the principal investigator, professor Chris Martin, of Caltech.

    Chris Martin Principal Investigator Caltech
    Tom Barlow Analysis and spectra Caltech
    Luciana Bianchi Science Team JHU
    Veronique Buat Science Team LAS
    Tamas Budavari Science Team JHU
    Dennis Bugarella Science Team LAS
    Yong-Ik Byun Science Team Yonsei
    Minerva Calderon System Manager Caltech
    Stephane Charlot Science Team MPI
    Tim Conrow Pipeline Operations IPAC
    J.M. Deharveng Science Team LAS
    Jose Donas Science Team LAS
    Diane Engler Operations Technician IPAC
    Kerry Erickson Project Manager JPL
    Grant Faris Mission Ops. Assurance JPL
    Karl Forster Science Operations Caltech
    Peter Friedman Project Scientist Caltech
    Armando Gil de Paz Science Team OCIW
    Tim Heckman Science Team JHU
    Paul Herrera Operations Caltech
    Janice Hester Analysis and Calibration Caltech
    Charles Hoopes Science Team JHU
    Min Hubbard Analysis and QA Caltech
    Guinevere Kauffman Science Team MPI
    Michele Laget Science Team LAS
    Young-Wook Lee Science Team Yonsei
    Barry Madore Science Team OCIW
    Roger Malina Science Team LAS
    Bruno Milliard Science Team LAS
    Chase Million Pipeline Operations Caltech
    Patrick Morrissey Instrument Scientist Caltech
    Susan Neff Mission Scientist, GIP GSFC
    Don Neill Analysis Caltech
    Chang Rhee Science Team Yonsei
    Mike Rich Science Team UCLA
    Samir Salim Science Team UCLA
    Shuana Sallmen Science Team UCB
    David Schiminovich Science Operations Columbia
    Mark Seibert Science Team Caltech
    Ossie Siegmund Science Team UCB
    Todd Small Science Team Caltech
    Frank Surber Project Engineer JPL
    Alex Szalay Science Team JHU
    David Thilker Science Team JHU
    Denise Thoesen Grant administration Caltech
    Marie Treyer Analysis Caltech, LAM
    Barry Welsh Science Team UCB
    Ted Wyder Analysis and Calibration Caltech
    Kevin Xu Science Team Caltech
    Michele Yeater Project Administrator Caltech
    Suk Young-Yi Science Team Yonsei

    Partners include: