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Welcome to the GALEX Science Team Wiki

M31 GALEX Mosaic combining FUV and NUV images
M31 GALEX Mosaic combining FUV and NUV images

This is a wiki for the GALEX science team. It's purpose is to promote communication between team members and function as a repository of project news and results. If you are a registered member of the team, please feel free to edit the wiki pages to add information on your projects or correct any errors you discover. To log in use the "Login page" link below.

We also maintain pages that are accessible to the public. These include this page, the user login page and our GALEX Documentation pages. Only members of the group 'doceditors' can edit these pages. Please be aware that these particular pages will be visible to the outside world if you edit any of them.

Getting started

Public pages

GALEX basics

Here is a summary table from Patrick's latest calibration paper:

GALEX basic parameters
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