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Welcome to the Wiki of the
Astrophysics Sounding Rocket Assessment Team (ASRAT)

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This site contains supplementary material referenced in two ASRAT submissions to the
Astro2010: The Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey

Program Prioritization Panel Request for Information (PPP-RFI) submission (with active links)

Development of an Orbital Sounding Rocket Program

PPP-RFI Supplementary Material

Additional Orbital Sounding Rocket Candidates
Orbital Sounding Rocket Candidate Quad Charts

State of the Profession (SOP) Position Paper submission (with active links)

Reinvigorating the Astrophysics Sounding Rocket Program:
Strategic Investment in the Future of Space Astronomy

SOP Supplementary Tables

Sounding Rocket Developed Technologies on Major Astrophysics Missions
Table shows examples of significant technology developed and proven on sounding rockets that has enabled major NASA missions.
NASA Mission Experience of Sounding Rocket Graduate Students and Researchers
Table shows prior sounding rocket experience of key personnel on major NASA missions.

SOP Supplementary Figures

Rocket Genes: Mentor and Student Genealogy 1955 - 2008
Bubble figure of Principal Investigators, Research Scientists and Graduate Students at various institutions launching astrophysics payloads. The graduation dates of the students are given.
Astrophysics Sounding Rocket Flightrate 1955 - 2008
Sounding rocket flight rate for astrophysics missions from 1955 – 2008 broken down by launch vehicle. The total number of astrophysics missions was 477, most of which (391) were supported by NASA. The newest launch vehicle, the Terrier Boosted Black Brant, first launched an astrophysics rocket in 1985.
Institutions Launching Astrophysics Sounding Rockets 1955 - 2008
Figure shows all the institutions launching astrophysics sounding rockets. Some institutions support multiple PIs. Mini-histograms show the number of launches within a particular year from a given institution. The number of institutions launching within a ten year period are indicated at the top of the figure.
GALEX Case Study
Org chart showing Personnel, Technology, and Science heritage for GALEX.

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